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Since 7 years
in the Reinkenstraat
in The Hague!

Pedicure with
over 27 years

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Welcome on my website..

I am proud to present to you my pedicure salon 


I worked more than 20 years as an ambulant pedicure (at home for clients, and in nursing homes) in Zoetermeer and I have been working for 7 years at beautycare centre Care to Care in Leidschendam.

Mijn salon is located in my husband’s Shoe-Repair Shop  Van Oosterom, Reinkenstraat 26 in The Hague. I am a certified pedicure, and member of PROVOET. I work with highly sophisticated equipment.

Unfortunately I cannot schedule any new clients at the moment!


  • Lower leg massage €25,- (30 min)
  • foot reflexology massage €25,- (30 min)
  • foot reflexology massage €50,- (60 min)
  • Nailpolishing  with removable gel-nailpolish  €10,-
  • I am a certified nail-reconstructor:
    - reconstructing fungal/fungus nails with a flexible gel. € 25,- per nail
Also certified for diabetics !

Also certified for diabetics !

I am open now since the 1st of April and i am overwhelmed by all the positive comments and offcourse with all the new customers who already walked in ! In the meanwhile I also decided to mount an extra door in the salon to keep the noice from the shoemaker outside and...

Open !

Open !

It was a kind of struggle.. but my salon is ready and open! Completely decorated the way I had it in mind! Last week my beautiful and confortable treatmentchair arrived and yesterday they placed the self-designed sticker on my window.. just in time because today I had...

Recent Posts

I have been searching for a long time to find a good and experienced pedicure. I am diabetic and that made me very demanding. That’s how i finally found Désirée. A charismatic woman and an experienced pedicure with passion for her work. She visites me at home for frequent treatments and i can also highly recommend her footreflexmassage !
Aad van Dam

After years of good treatment I moved from Zoetermeer to Rotterdam. Désirée had to move with me.. that was for sure…and she did! She is an excellent pedicure with all the necessary certificates and I am so happy that she was willing to  “move with me”.
Hannie van Leeuwen

I have been a client from Désirée now for over 20 years and if it’s up to me nobody else will ever touch my feet! Désirée is professional, experienced, charismatic and emotionaly involved with her cleints. It’s a complete pleasure to have my feet treated an well kept by her! Only one warning: once having been treated by Désirée you are stuck for life..:-)
Margreet van Driel

During a seminar in 2003 for potential hip-patients it was pointed out to me how important footcare is for these specific group of people. They recommended me to find a good pedicure..and that’s how I ended up with Désirée already a long time ago. Every 5 week she comes and  treats me in a professional and friendly way. In 2012 my wife had to undergo a serious spine-surgery and after that she “joined the club”.. two very happy and satisfied clients !
Sjoerd Siemer

Good equipment is half the work Desiree.. because of your watercooled equipment I definitely overwon my fear for people working on my feet….Thanks !
Erik Boerema

Reinkenstraat 26
2517CV Den Haag
Tel. 06-14360968

Treatment by appointment


Monday 13.00-18.00
Tuesday 8.30-17.00
Friday 8.30-17.00

11 + 5 =

Footcare Désirée van Oosterom

Reinkenstraat 26
2517CV Den Haag
Tel. 06-14360968
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